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Thrive Themes Ranked: Top 7 Questions People Ask?


Almost every WordPress newcomer goes through a phase where; discovering which tools work best with each other can be a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, we’re just about to make at least someone happy with the highly recommended Thrive Suite for WordPress.

Yes, the Thrive Themes Suite of software plugins are really as good as people say. Which is also why the learning curve may be slightly steeper than the lesser disciplined options available.

Thrive is a reasonably priced suite of tools starting at; $299 for a yearly plan. And here is only just some of what you will get:

Thrive Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive Apprentice, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Comments and Thrive Automator

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Yes, you can start with the free Thrive Automator plugin.

Thrive Automator and its expanding list of 3rd-party integrations and automations are now available for use on unlimited websites for free.

Thrive Themes provides a well disciplined ecosystem consisting of a suite of essential course building, membership, e-commerce, content marketing and website development tools tailored for building streamlined user experience for encouraging engagement and website conversions.

Yes, whilst you can customise the look and feel on your pages you can also protect access to specific content for members only. Beyond this, you can also control access to specific content through ‘triggers’ activated by a members activity. Thrive Apprentice is the tool to use at the centre of your membership and course building website.

Yes, using the free Thrive Automator plugin connect with a growing