The Difference Between Luminar AI and Luminar Neo.

Two separate apps of the same family…

What it is that separates Luminar AI?

In terms of general usage Luminar AI is for your typical professional photographer, who is not necessarily skilled with photo editing, at least not the practice of creating masks, layers and all the other technical preparatory tasks that need to be in place before even committing the actual desired edit.

The Photographer

Within the commercial creative industry, such photographers would typically hire digital photo artist to perform any editing ( or the commissioning agency will use their own in-house artist). Now, with Luminar AI you can immediately apply edits without the the need for hiring. Hence, securing the integrity of the photographic work as authentically the photographers.

For example, the Portrait Tool allows you to edit lips, eyes, eye brows, skin and more, all without the tedious task of creating masks and layering etc.

Just select the option for eyes, and you can change aspects of your subjects eyes. Just select the option for lips, and you can add more red to your subjects lips, if thats what you intend to do.

You see, Luminar AI is far more intuitive and time saving than most other apps.

Now, depending on the nature of a project, as a photographer first, you’d probably like to know that you have full control of the outcome of your work. Luminar AI offers that in an uncluttered environment that allows the user enough flexibility for accomplishing high quality photographic editing.

What it is that separates Luminar Neo?

“Based on a new AI technology engine and designed for creative tasks with maximum performance and flexibility. Luminar Neo is a the creative image editor for creators seeking high-quality editing results with the same level of satisfaction you get with Luminar AI.” –

The Digital Photo-Artists

Nowadays many of us wear multiple hats with regards to the products, services or skills we offer. And so, steps-in the more elaborate photo-artist, or digital artists, or graphic artist… Hey the list can go on, but anyway, I think you get the idea.

Luminar Neo, is the extensible sibling that has some of the inherent traits from previous versions of Luminar, including Layers. This is the software for the creator that falls nearer to being a graphic artists.

Neo” has all the extra gadgets that may well be required for making intricate edits and image manipulation that you would typically perform in applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo.


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