Countryside Landscape Photo Editing Kit

This exceptional photography kit has been meticulously crafted to enhance your landscape photography pieces. In less time than usual, maintain control of your editing results with customizable options and satisfying results.

See what’s inside

Luminar Neo Presets:

Enhance Your Countryside Landscape Photos With Ease

Whether you are an avid photography enthusiast yearning to explore new horizons or a seasoned professional in search of innovative tools, this comprehensive kit is brimming with abundant resources to assist you in capturing awe-inspiring images of the countryside.

The Countryside Landscape Kit provides a number of customizable editing presets to help you get started with your countryside landscape editing projects faster. Change the look and feel of your photos in seconds and save the appropriate aesthetics for the story you wish to tell.

Starting with Countryside Landscapes


It’s simple to get started with installing your new Luminar Neo Presets from within the Luminar dashboard. However, in some cases you may need to install from files on your desktop. From here, it is a simple case of selecting the “Add” link located beside the “Purchased” button. Now, as an example; locate the file “Countryside Landscape.Inpc” and click open. And as shown below, selecting the “Purchased” button will take you to your purchased Presets.


Using your newly installed Preset

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t show you at least 1 of the results we received from using this Kit. Its not like presets are complicated to use…

So, after first finding a suitable landscape photo, by simply dragging my mouse over the existing presets I can immediately view the corresponding results and decided to settle with the option titled “Idyllic Life Sky.”


Countryside Landscape Kit | FAQ

The Countryside Landscape Kit is an all-in-one kit for Luminar Neo that helps you achieve the best photos in the countryside genre. It includes a variety of presets, LUTs, overlays, skies, and a professional editing guide.

5 Presets/Templates for photos with a captivating countryside aesthetic

5 of the same Presets/Templates, but with built-in Skies for added allure

5 Skies featuring different clouds and moods to enhance your images

5 LUTs with unique color solutions for a personalized touch

5 Overlays with bokeh lights and flares to add a touch of magic

3 Overlays with fog to create an ethereal atmosphere

1 professional editing guide complete with tips and instructions

Yes, when you make a custom edit you are able to save it with a title. Go to the “Actions” tab below the image you are editing and select “Save as Preset.”

The Countryside Landscape Kit is designed to help you create photos that capture the serene beauty of nature in the countryside. It is suitable for both hobbyists and experienced photographers who want to enhance their countryside photos with rustic charm.


The LUTs included in the Countryside Landscape Kit can be used to add a distinct effect and help you color grade your photos. They can also be used in other applications like Photoshop or for video processing in Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and others.

Loading your LUTs

  1. After launching Luminar Neo, switch to Edit mode.
  2. Scroll down to the Creative section.
  3. Click Mood > Choose LUT > Load Custom LUT file.
  4. From the dialog window navigate to the folder with your LUTs and confirm your selection.

The ideal editing workflow with the Countryside Landscape Kit involves selecting the photo(s) you want to edit, choosing a preset or LUT that suits the mood, adjusting exposure and white balance if needed, adding overlays for additional effects, and finally exporting and sharing your edited photos.

When shooting in the countryside, it is recommended to bring a tripod, remote shutter release, gradient filter, and a wide-angle lens. Shooting with a wide depth of field can help render details, and photographing landscapes in the morning or evening can provide wonderful colors and interesting shadows. Incorporating elements specific to rural life and considering composition techniques like the rule of thirds can also enhance your countryside photos.

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