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Digital Medium Finder understands that sometimes creators and business owners are not looking for lengthy explanations and long-drawn conclusions. A lot of the time, you already know a little something about what it is you are looking for but simply need pointing in the right direction.

Technology myths are rife and can linger for years. Some common examples include the idea that AI can instantly replicate human thought or that Macs cannot be infected by viruses.

A software instrument is a digital representation of a real instrument, such as a violin or drums, or a completely original instrument created through computer software. Software instruments, also known as virtual instruments or VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology), have revolutionized the music production industry. They allow musicians and producers to access a vast range of sounds and instruments without the need for physical instruments or expensive recording equipment.

Making a good digital impression is essential in today’s interconnected world, whether you’re selling NFTs, a professional, an entrepreneur, a student, or anyone engaging online.

It’s simple to get started with installing your new Luminar Neo Presets from within the Luminar dashboard. However, in some cases you may need to install from files on your desktop. From here, it is a simple case of selecting the “Add” link located beside the “Purchased” button. Now, as an example; locate the file “Countryside Landscape.Inpc” and click open. And as shown below, selecting the “Purchased” button will take you to your purchased Presets.


Valuable Digital File Assets: Before you can convert your digital files into valuable NFTs, there are a number of steps you will need to take. Your first and easiest step is to sign up with one of the popular platforms, such as OpenSea or Rarible. While you can also serve and showcase your NFTs on your own website, it will require additional technical expertise and resources.