Pre Order – “Neo” Image Editor
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Pre Order – “Neo” Image Editor

Luminar Neo

Although we haven’t actually tried the new Luminar Neo image editor (as yet!), as a current user of Luminar AI however, it is understandable why the birth of Luminar Neo.

You see, all along the journey and development of Luminar, the mission has been to make tasks simple.

Take for instance the current, uncluttered, sleek interface of Luminar AI and the absence of features that are instead, handled by an AI engine.

Look, No Layers…

It’s easy to pick on the Layers feature, because there are many photo-artists that actually enjoy the flexibility of using multiple Layers. However, and again because of simplicity, Luminar AI does not offer Layers (at least not in the conventional way).

Now, whilst this is fine for the creative photographer with, let’s say, standard photography processing requirements. Luminar AI is the perfect companion for any photo-editing workflow.

Create more with Neo…

On the other hand, with Luminar Neo, you have the best of both worlds. Of course both offering simplicity, however, Luminar Neo being the sibling offering more than standard requirements. At least that’s how we see it.

You see, where it comes to tasks such as composing a number of images and other image manipulation or retouching techniques. There is the natural tendency to fall for the use of applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo.

We wonder to what capacity in fulfilling this ‘space’ is the direction that Luminar Neo is taking for the future? Learn more and Pre-Order at the Early-Bird price below

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