Luminar AI Extensions - Noiseless AI

Luminar Neo 1.3.0 Update

Now available to all Luminar Users, and along with the Luminar Neo Update 1.3.0 you get to unlock Noiseless AI, a new paid Extension for an extensible pro level editing experience.

Select the suggested noise reduction option in one click. 

By determining the level of noise in a photo, Noiseless AI makes suggestions based on its deep photo analysis, allowing users to choose between Low, Middle, or High

You can also adjust the noise reduction level manually. Furthermore, the Luminosity, Color, and Details sliders give you even more control over the results.

Along with the Luminar Neo Update 1.3.0 brings plenty of minor usability improvements, including сolor gradients in the Warmth Sliders in Relight AI and an updated interface in the Edit tab.

Get the Best Luminar Neo Deal

With a subscription or by purchasing the 7 extensions pack, you will also get Upscale AI and AI Background Removal, plus another 3 extensions to be revealed later this year. Note that Prices will rise on September 26th. 

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