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Sharing knowledge and expertise

Empowering people with the tools to help share their “superpowers” is the perfect gift. And it goes a long way…

Find geeky gift ideas for that special person. Gift a colleague, fellow student or talented family member.

Budding Content Creator​

Nurturing Talent

Find geeky gift ideas for that website guru person you know. You know, the person you always ask those confusing questions about the internet and other website stuff! 

Content Creator – Idea 1


Learning Management System

This gift is for someone with expertise and knowledge worth sharing. It will teach and equip you with tools for building online courses as a business owner.

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Content Creator – Idea 2


Cutting Edge Photo-Editing

This gift is for both the Pro and budding photographer about to venture the world of image editing. 

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Content Creator – Idea 3

People Person

Build a private community site

This gift is for WordPress users stressing over a way to manage subscribers to an online community, course or members club.

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Nurturing Talent

Find geeky gift ideas for that friend you might describe as a “whizz-kid, web designer UI X thingy-ma-jig” person.

Website Developer

Web Developer – Idea 1

Website Master

Robust Website Hosting for Performance Critical Web Projects

This would make an excellent gift for yourself if you happen to be a web designer, developer or agency.

The problem with gifting this offer, is that you may need to let your recipient know about your gift in advance. You see, this is specialised website hosting where the different plans are carefully considered for purpose-built, mission-critical websites, stores and applications.

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Web Developer – Idea 2

Socially Conscious ‘Web Star’

Intricate Web Design without the Coding Skills.

There is one thing in particular about this gift that makes it a little extra special. The developers behind this, at first, unsuspectingly powerful online website page building app are dedicated to achieving the perfect platform for producing accessibility aware web solutions.

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Nurturing Talent

Find geeky gift ideas for your friends that like to create stuff! 

Art, music, you name it…

Graphic Artist

find. buy. create.

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