Education-First Approach to Software.

Education-First Approach to Software.

Finding the right software for the task…

Regarding the nuance in how, for what, and when, people efficiently use different types of software, seems to have brought about a new wave of understanding amongst developers and providers of especially business and creativity software.

By first focusing on the task at hand, and then finding and mitigating the pain-points, by developing intuitive software, seems to be the approach of many new app developers and software brands.

More time to be creative, and run your business

An excellent example of this can be found with the highly recommended Luminar Neo – AI Image Editor. This is AI software that truly helps to eliminate many of the pain-points for professional creative photographers, and especially where it comes to the more intricate and technical tasks involved with editing photographic images.

Now, besides Setapp, the Mac Apps desktop menu companion, we haven’t come across many SaaS Marketplace with a “user-first” approach to their offering. Which is what has lead us towards focusing on PitchGround today.

What is PitchGround?

Operating with a remote global team, PitchGround, unlike alternative SaaS Marketplaces, has entered the arena with an Education-First approach.

With the vision “… that education should be free, software should be affordable and easily accessible.” PitchGround provides access to hundreds of software solutions backed-up with appreciative discounts and support.

Never pay more than you can afford for software.

One of the PitchGround statements you will likely come across is “Never pay full price for software again. Get up to 95% discount.” Sounds crazy – right?

In my opinion, you should take the PitchGround commitment to save your business money with a little wriggle room, after all I have no idea what your budget may be. However, I do get the gist, and will be watching for how long such great offers can be afforded. (So watch this space and subscribe)

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