Luminar AI Best Update Deals

Introducing Portrait Bokeh AI Latest LuminarAI Update (40% off). $47 for 1 Seat and Only $59 for 2. Plus download now these free photo editing resource packages


Luminar AI – Summer Sale

Skylum software summer sale Intelligent software = crazy summer deals It’s back, but even crazier than ever. This is YOUR opportunity to get an awesome deal on the latest Luminar AI. 3 amazing offers to choose from Luminar AI (40% discount) – $47.00 instead of $79 (1 computer) – $57.00 (2 computers)   OFFER ONE $47 ADVANCED EXPERT Luminar AI… Read More »Luminar AI – Summer Sale


Luggage and Baggage

Luggage and Baggage Find the perfect luggage and baggage for the next time you travel.  Click for Bags… Backpacks Find the perfect backpack for carrying your laptop, camera, documents and other gear! Click for Backpacks…


Free Online Course Building Induction

Offers Is your knowledge Teachable? After this 40-minute jam packed need-to-know tips and strategies webinar on creating online courses on Teachable. You’ll walk away knowing how to: • Build your course inside the Teachable platform• Customise your site with your own branding• Publish your content and set up payments• Structure your pricing options• Organise your course content, module by module•… Read More »Free Online Course Building Induction


Digital Accessibility Finder

Digital Medium Accessibility Handpicked digital products for everyone.  AUDITORY SUBSCRIBE Hearing aid compatibility devices. This article is based on various devices which can help people who wear hearing aids communicate and hear evLossen better. Things to bear in mind before purchasing any product for hearing impairment. Take into consideration the degree of hearing impairment: • Main Levels of Hearing Loss… Read More »Digital Accessibility Finder


Creative Assets & Graphics

Best Creative Assets & Artwork Deals From Artist & Designers From Around The World. Find; Mockups, Fonts, Graphic Design Elements, Apps, Vector Art, Icons, Logo Ideas, Templates, Courses, Patterns… [ see feed ] ENHANCED SEARCH Graphic Design Assets, Templates, Web Tools, WordPress, MacOs, Backpacks, Cases and Bags Tablets, Laptops, Desktop, Best Deals, Photo Editing, Sketchpads,  Books and Audio Wearables Art… Read More »Creative Assets & Graphics


Creative Assets – Graphics

Creative Assets for Your Next Design Related Project. Find Beautiful Hand Picked Graphics by Artist and Designers from around the World. Graphical Collection When we speak of graphics, we often refer to the more decorative aspects of design. Which, also seems to be the more glamorous side of graphic design according to the general public. However, the actual practice of… Read More »Creative Assets – Graphics


Creative Assets – Type

Creative Assets for Your Next Design Related Project. Find Beautiful Hand Picked Fonts and Graphical Material from Artist and Designers from around the World. Typography Collection Typography is one of those crafts where the time, effort, skills and creativity, often goes unnoticed by the general public. However, what most people also often do not notice is the subconscious emotional affect… Read More »Creative Assets – Type