4 Things You Did Not Know About Domain Names.


Maximum of 10 years at a time...

A domain name is typically allowed a maximum of 10 years registration at a time.


Where renewal fees go...

Minted domains have no renewal fees. The money you pay for a domain name registration goes to 3 different entities. It all depends on the type of top level domain you purchase. However, overall, here is an example of where your payments go: (i) A .com, .net, .org, top level domain name payment goes to Verisign . (ii) Another payment goes to an accredited registrar for handling public registration. (iii) A small fee is paid to ICANN, the governing board that oversees the rules and processes by which domains are registered. In addition to the above, you have resellers who will normally also add their fee


What are universal crypto domains?

A Universal Cryptocurrency Domain simply refers to a web address used for the decentralised web.

Essentially, the intention is to allow a user the capability to conduct blockchain related task using a single username.


How to mint a domain name?

To mint a domain simply involves attaching a Unstoppable Domains, domain name, to a blockchain. [ click icon to learn more ]

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