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A technology lifestyle based website, used as a shopping tool for helping creators of all levels and backgrounds, with an interest in creativity and technology. 

This may include: images, video, gadgets, digital hardware and other digital related media, used for realizing creative projects and ventures..


find. buy. create.

hand picked gadgets, supplies and wearables for creators

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Backpacks & Luggage


Designer Backpacks, bags and luggage, is the way in which I’m tempted to describe this excellent range of sleek in appearance business “carrying” devices…


Backpacks, bags and luggage for business and leisure travel. See Action Photography topics for drone bags and accessories.

Action Photography Gear

Action Photography is the genre of photography that focuses on capturing fast-moving subjects.

Action Photography is the genre of photography that focuses on capturing fast-moving subjects.

This often requires using a fast shutter speed and/or high frame rates in order to freeze the motion of the subject in the image. 

The ultimate goal of action photography is to capture the peak moment of motion, such as the moment an athlete jumps for a slam dunk or a bird takes flight.

For this we have compiled data on some of the best equipment for achieving great results with your own creative endeavors and travels…

Action Leisure Wear

First, one of our very own new designs, available on demand. See other products or make an order here

Focussing on the classic styles, with two popular brands you probably grew up knowing about.

An old classic that was very popular in its day, especially amongst school pupils and athletes. 

The old-school suede trainer just for trendsetters like you.

Remember Gola, a  relatively quiet sports brand that has been around for years… 

Services and Resource


Artists of
the future

Artist management for up and coming musicians; singers, bands, producers and audio artists.



At dm finder we focus on software that firstly, meets our value for money verdict, and secondly provides real benefits for creative people…


vector art


Hey, we don’t just tell you about which gear to use, we use the same gear ourselves!

Visit our sibling website for creative inspiration, tips, and goodies…

Art supplies

online art

Yep, here’s that online supplies you’ve been waiting for.

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