Illustration Photography

Illustration Style Photo Editing Software for Creators I don’t know what it’s like these days, but, the East End of London used to be a fairly popular place to visit in order to experience the more candid ‘sides’ of living in London.  The surrounding buildings and architecture provide many clues to the different perceived lifestyle, culture and neighbourhood enjoyed throughout the area… [ read on at software folder ]  … Read More »Illustration Photography

Gift Ideas for Geeks…

Inspirational Creative Gift Ideas Encouraging others, and especially beginners, in the creativity and media world can take a simple gift. How many times have you heard great stories of where it was a gift that inspired the pursuit of a career that may have lead to a notable level of success. You may have heard, for example, someone describe receiving… Read More »Gift Ideas for Geeks…


Women Who Create in Business

Free Women-led businesses virtual Event Are you busy between next March 23-25? Hopefully you’ll get the chance to join Teachable’s next summit, where you can get actionable takeaways from 30+ expert speakers. Hey there, I want to tell you about a FREE event coming up that’s geared towards helping you launch, grow, and scale your online business in 2021.  It’s called Women Create… Read More »Women Who Create in Business