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Inspirational tips for creators, educators, e-commerce experts, and developers. A great source for inspiration, for when all you want is pointing in the right direction… 

Print on Demand

Apparel Print Design

Learn about the process behind ordering our print-on-demand designs on products that make great gifts for clever friends, as well as awesome treats for yourself.


Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is a printing process that uses aqueous ink jet technology for printing graphics and textiles onto fabric.


Custom Embroidered; Shirts, Polo Shirts, Jackets, Fleece, Hats, Bags...

Online Course Builder

With the appropriate plugins and integration, streamline your WordPress website for greater users experience and complete design layout control. Build online courses that look how you intend…

Learning Management Systems

As distance learning increasingly becomes relevant as a useful means in society for educating, informing and training. Improvements to the overall online learning experience is an inevitable challenge, that is now being met by leading developers of WordPress Theme and Plugin Suites. Learn more about how WordPress can you.

What does an LMS do?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is the piece of software, or plugin, that you attach your already created course to. 

It enables features that allow the automated, and semi-automated, delivery of online training and other related components of a fully functioning and dynamic course.

In both real time or through recorded sessions students can connect with instructors and the course material from anywhere in the world.

Most LMS software will help you manage and deliver online training courses made for; corporate training purposes, schools and universities…

How to gain complete design control of your course?

Using WordPress for getting a course to look the way you want has gotten easier.

In order to build the look and feel of your online course using WordPress, you will need to install a page and theme builder plugin. This will install a drag and drop feature, which will allow you to design your layouts visually.

Introducing Nexcess Website & Application Hosting Services ​

Mission critical website hosting​

…when reliability and robust web services are essential for the operation of an online business, not any website hosting service will do…

Why Nexcess for your next client or personal web development project?

Imagine this; You’ve just created your first online application or e-commerce store, and you’re now ready to make it available to the general public. 

All your revenue will be generated online, so it is crucial that your site is up and running at all times.

The only thing is, you were not quite aware of how great the differences between hosting a standard blog or website would compare, to hosting an online application, or an e-commerce store. And so, the rest is history…

Now before you go down that ‘road,’ if reliability and robust web services are essential for the daily operation of your internet based business, Nexcess, a Liquid Web brand, is equipped with the high performance hardware and a content distribution infrastructure tailored especially for mission critical web hosting requirements. 

Now, besides being fully optimised for taking on the demands of leading industry content, i.e. via  Applications and E-commerce website properties, Nexcess has a firm reputation amongst its current high-end users

Nexcess offers free migration

Even with previous experience, anyone familiar with using a number of different web hosting providers can tell you how it’s normally a pain having to go through the migration of a WordPress website yourself. 

As simple as it sounds, in most cases, at least from my experience, things rarely run as smoothly as anticipated, even when all at first seems to be in place.

Fortunately, and note taken, if you need to migrate yours, or a client’s existing website to a new Nexcess website hosting account, Nexcess will do the heavy, or rather, technical lifting for you – FREE.

So, that’s a nice starting point, because there are some website hosting providers and other third-party services that will charge you a fee for moving your website from your current host to another.

Where you can expect to pay anything from between $150 – $400 USD, depending on the size and other factors concerning the website you wish to migrate (or transfer).

And so now, the question is….

Do You Really Want, or Need, a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Plan?

There was a time when defining the difference between managed hosting and self hosting was easy to grasp.

I’m not sure if that’s still the case today. As managed hosting now seems to overlap on many of the benefits of self-hosting. Maybe someone can tell me more…

Anyway, today it’s a simple case of getting started with building your websites front-end with pre-installed plugins and 1-click staging, all served from a built-in Content Distribution Network.

So, where it comes to speed, you can rest assured that  your visitors are able to access your content at the speed most optimum for their specific location at any given a time.

And that’s not all, Nexcess’ WordPress managed hosting also comes with automated updates, instant auto scaling and free SSL certificate. Which all seems to be a fairly common offer amongst web hosting services these days. However, with Nexcess you also have a dedicated environment for web developers.


Woocommerce & StoreBuilder

Let StoreBuilder build your shopfront for you.

Simply provide the necessary details about your business and Artificial Intelligence will do the rest.


Now, if you are not already familiar with Woocommerce, then you may need to have a look now, especially if you are planning on building a website for showcasing and selling products.

Woocommerce, is perhaps the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin available. It has all the necessary features and integration capabilities for building a fully automated and customised experience for your customers.

Now, with StoreBuilder, an AI powered page builder, you can start the ball rolling with building your online storefront. Simply complete the necessary form details about your business and AI will do the rest. | downloads | connect