Bluesky Social: The Twitter Alternative?

[ March 2024 | Work-in-Progress  ]

By now, it wouldn’t surprise me if you too were getting fed up with the “Twitter X” school playground and wondering if there is, or will there ever be, anything similar: an alternative that offers a similar interface, but not an Instagram, TikTok, or Telegram.

Well, to my astonishment, there is. Although formally incorporated in late 2021 as a public benefit LLC and apparently separate from Twitter, the idea for the perfect alternative has been in the making for some time. The company was founded by three individuals in 2016 and has since grown into a popular social media platform that allows its discerning users to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Attracting millions of users from all over the world, Bluesky Social is owned and operated by a private company based in San Francisco.

Now, when you access Bluesky, you will inevitably find striking similarities to Twitter-X, and this is no surprise when you also learn that Bluesky Social initially started as a project by Jack Dorsey in 2019 during his time as CEO at Twitter. The current CEO is Jay Graber, and Bluesky Social actually launched in 2023. 

The fuzzy things about Bluesky social

By combining different sources of detail, you can conclude that Bluesky was intended to quietly emerge as a platform while steadily developing at the same time. However, the greater than expected response has perhaps caught the team not fully prepared.

However, there are still a few things about Bluesky Social that may be unclear, such as: is it really decentralized, and if so, what are the benefits for regular users? After all, typically, this implies that there is no central authority making decisions about what content is allowed on the platform, allowing for more diverse and tolerant viewpoints.

The benefits of decentralization for users include greater privacy and security of their personal information, as well as the ability to choose the kind of content they want to see on their feed. Additionally, the lack of centralized control can help prevent censorship and filtering, allowing users to express themselves freely.  


Unlike the popular Twitter-X, however, Bluesky is a decentralized social app, allowing for independently operated communities within the network. It uses the open-source AT Protocol and aims to provide transparency in its development. Bluesky is currently free.

What is different about Bluesky Social.

While there are some popular Twitter-like options that Bluesky does not support, such as direct messaging, it does, however, present a clean and friendly interface with most of the basic features available.

Bluesky Social is a relatively new social media platform that is designed to foster free and open communication and thought sharing.


Incorporated and founded are two similar but distinct terms in business. Incorporated refers to the legal process of becoming a corporation, which is a legal entity separate from its owners and shareholders.

This process typically involves filing articles of incorporation with the state where the business will operate.

On the other hand, founded refers to the act of establishing a business or organization. This can involve developing a business plan, securing funding, and starting operations.

In summary, incorporated refers to the legal status of a business, while founded refers to the initial act of establishing it.