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State-of-the-Art Photo Editing

Your hassle-free entry to professional photo editing app with the latest ai technology. Discover the new tools creative photographers are using today. 

Luminar Neo

Love Luminar 4? Well you will be over the moon with the newest family member from the Skylum labs. Luminar Neo in some ways, is the new Luminar 4, but with all the power of Luminar AI. Which makes it an extensible offering for future creators everywhere. You can read more about the basic differences between Luminar AI and Luminar Neo right here. However, bear in mind that this software is built for creators like you. So have your say in what you would like to do with the new Luminar Neo. You can pre-order Luminar Neo today for an Early-Bird discount below.

from: $54.00USD


Recent Red Dot Award Winner (

Luminar AI

An Evolutionary Approach to Photo Editing for Professionals and YOU. First of all, this is not merely another “Luminar update” or even a new upgrade. Luminar AI is a totally new product by Skylum. New Luminar AI Official Launch Photo Editor Luminar AI – Ready for the future?

from: $89.00USD


Cutting Edge WordPress

WordPress isn’t just powerful, it’s simple to use. Yes, with the right tools WordPress is a lot easier to use than most people think. And especially for long-term planning and growth… 

Build landing pages, publish blog updates and sell products by simply pulling together the right software and integrations

Thrive Suite

Thrive Themes have served the WordPress community ever since the idea of wysiwyg WordPress page editing started, with Thrive Content Builder.

Since then, Thrive Content Builder has evolved and continue as testimony of the Thrive Themes philosophy. Dedicated towards providing tools for building professional looking pages designed for business conversions the Thrive Suite is a on-stop solution for blogger, solopreneurs, educators, store owners, developers, and serious individuals starting for the first time.

Brizy Builder

Brizy has quickly stepped into the space for being a contender amongst the leading visual editing WordPress page builders. Simple to use, packed with features and options, Brizy has everything that the others have, but just feels a lot more natural.

Elementor Page Builder

Join 5,000,000+ Professionals Who Build Better Sites With Elementor. Elementor allows you to control every aspect of your web design workflow with 100% visual design. Build from scratch or use one of the hundreds of templates available and customise to your hearts content.


How to connect WordPress with the new version of Google Analytics (GA4)?

GA4 is Google’s Latest Analytics software update that allows tracking both websites and apps from the same account. The new Google Analytics provides us all with new ways of measuring and analysing our website traffic activity for the long-term.

One noticeable difference with GA4 is that it measures in terms of events. So for example, a page view is now measured as an event.

Typical events include user actions; button clicks, file downloads, site search etc. This really helps simplify things, however may still require the appropriate tweaking to ensure that the options function as expected. Especially, if you need to track outbound clicks.

Yes, easily track external links…

Fortunately, WordPress has a solution to make the process even easier, by automatically integrating with any existing related plugins you may already have installed.

To track outbound links without having to mess around with code, use a plugin such as MonsterInsights.

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